YoxView is free to use, licensed under the MIT license (X11). You may do anything you want with it, as long as you keep the license.

This plugin is a way for me to give something back to the community, so you don't have to give me anything in return, but if you profit from it or would like to help me afford the time to continue developing it, I'd appreciate your donation.

Package details

Important - The links below are here for viewing only. To use YoxView, please download the whole package using the DOWNLOAD NOW button to the right.

File Details
install.htm Installation instructions
jquery.jsonp-1.0.4.min.js jQuery plugin for jsonp transactions. Plugin's page
jquery.swfobject.1-1-1.min.js jQuery plugin for embedding Flash object. Plugin's page
jquery.yoxview-2.21.js Source code
jquery.yoxview-2.21.min.js Minimized, recommended for regular use. Contains all the plugins and objects, minified.
yox.js Utils object
yoxview.css CSS rules for the viewer
yoxview-init.js Helper file, loads all the required files for YoxView
yoxview-nojquery.js Helper file, for people who don't use jQuery, loads the plugin for all containers with class 'yoxview'
jquery-1.4.2.min.js As of v2.1, the jQuery library core isn't added to the YoxView download. You can always download it here.

It's recommended to load from a CDN, such as Google APIs, instead of from your server. Here's why.

Download DOWNLOAD NOW Latest version - 2.21 (116kB)
Donations are appreciated!

Language packs

Language packs can be found in the lang/ folder. The following languages are currently available. If your language isn't listed and you'd like to contribute a translation (or submit a correction), please follow the translation instructions and send the .js file to with the desired credit (name + website, if available).

Code Language name Author
ar العربية Jalal Eddin Omary
bg Български език Yassen Yotov
ca Català Raül Utrera
cs Čeština Martin Maly
de Deutsch Keleo
dk Dansk Jeppe Sohn
en English Yossi Kolesnicov
es Español Yossi Kolesnicov
fr Français Jérôme
gr Ελληνικά Harilaos Koumaras
he עברית Yossi Kolesnicov
hu Magyar Granc Róbert
ie Irish Mark Reidy
ir فارسی Komail Hosainpor
it Italiano Miha
ja 日本語 Toshihide Tadaki
ka ქართული George Garchagudashvili
mk Македонски Aleksandra Hristov & Vasja Petkovska
nl Nederlands Onno Scheffers
pl Polski Marta
pt Português Rafael V. de Oliveira
pt-br Português do Brasil Alex Hernandes
ro Română Bogdan Gheorghe
ru Русский Max Shkurupiy
sk Slovenčina Martin Šrank
sl Slovenščina Miha
sv Svenska Robin W. Larsson
tr Türkçe Uğur Çelenk
ua українська Max Shkurupiy
zh-cn 简体中文 pluwen
zh-tw 正體中文 Axer